Waste Water Pipes

Used for the transfer of the sewage water and asids from industrial, residential, hotel, hospital infrastructures.

  • Mineral additive – Silent Pipes
  • B Class Flame Retardant Pipes
  • Cast-Iron Pipes

Pressure Pipes

They are used in the transfer of drinking, usage, heating, geothermal water and liquids, industrial pressurised air and acid, oil transfers.

  • PPR Composite Pipes
  • PPRCT 5 Layer Pipes
  • PVCC Oxygen-based Pipes
  • Oxygen Barrier, B Class Flame Retardant Pipes

Systems and Drainages

Programmed, drawn package products.

  • Siphonic Roof Systems
  • Drain Systems
  • Central Vacuum Systems
  • Fire Stop Systems
  • MUFF Locking Systems

Underfloor Heating and Climate Control

  • Manifolds
  • Room Thermostats
  • Gerpex Pipes
  • PE-RT Pipes
  • AL/PE-RT Pipes
  • PE-X Pipes
  • Accessories