A-Teknik , has been established in 1989, supplying and servicing installation and construction elements which needed in construction industry.

The area whatsoever a building services, the most important subject is to be fit to live in, is to be planned and not to halt inputs of water, electricity and gas as well as the necessity to remove the outputs like sewage water, gas, litter and air, appropriate to hygienic conditions. A-Teknik provides services in this field.

A-Teknik also provides services produced under its own patents besides having overseas partnerships

A-Teknik targets two important points while giving service,

1- Right Information

2- Right Product

The presented products constitutes a whole with their quality, their certificates, production standards, references, warranty and the guarantee of A-Teknik.

To provide quality productions in the Turkish construction industry, A-Teknik undertook the responsibility of R&D and succeeded.

The warnings and recommendations we take from the engineering companies in the project and application area, are evaluated on time and achieve solutions by our Partners which are the best of the world.

We know we are in a race for solving our customers’ needs in-line with the cost / function / certificate.

It is advancing us further that our products are being applied free of problems, preferred in the projects of industrial establishments, residences, hotels, multiplexes, university and hospital projects. In our communications; we based on placing ourselves in the place of our customers and offer them the most exact and the fastest solution, become more powerful and reaching the target together.